slate sealing

Slate Sealing.

Slate floors create a beautiful, natural look, that adds greatly to the value of your property.
Unfortunately, most people do not have the time, or the know-how to maintain these lovely floors properly, therefore they look dull, and worn. When a slate floor loses it’s sealer, dirt can further discolour the tiles, and reduce the welcoming, warm feel of your home. General foot traffic, furniture being moved around, and even the harsh Australian sun, can cause a slate floor to lose it’s finish.

Thankfully, Clean Cut Carpet Cleaning are able to take care of this important job for you.

We will come and inspect your slate floors, and provide you with a fixed price quote to complete the job.

The process begins with a thorough clean of the area. A strict drying period follows, to ensure all excess moisture has evaporated from the floor. Once the floor is suitably dry, we will apply 2-3 coats of premium quality sealer. This will bring a fresh new look to your expensive floor. We only use top quality sealers to ensure a durable finish, therefore you won’t have to worry about re-sealing your slate again, for many years.


We prefer to use full gloss, wet look sealers. This gives maximum visual effect. If your preference is for something a little less glossy, then lower gloss levels are available upon request.

Take a look at our Slate Sealing Gallery to see some of our recent work.